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Six Things That Help You Achieve The Full Surround Sound Effect In Your Home Theater

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One of the most important considerations when it comes to the design of a home theater is the audio system. Achieving a surround sound effect drastically improves the experience that a home theater system offers. 

The following are six things that will help you achieve the full surround sound effect in your home theater. 

Ignoring the size of your living room

Living room size is an important consideration when it comes to selecting audio equipment for a home theater. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of going too big. This leads to an overwhelming sound that is distracting and unnecessary.

Don't go overboard on the size of your speakers if you're working with a medium or small living room. 

Turn your center channel speaker up loud enough

Keeping the center channel speaker volume too low is a common mistake. The center channel speaker needs to be turned up to a higher volume than the others. You don't want key audio to be drowned out by background noise, so turning the center channel speaker up high enough is important. 

Locate your center channel speaker appropriately

While you want to hear audio coming from all directions when you're going for surround sound, you want dialogue and other aspects of the audio to come from the television itself. That's why it's so important to locate your center channel speaker right where your television is located. 

Keep your center channel speaker centrally located and as close to ear level as possible. This will give the effect that dialogue is coming right from the actors' mouths. 

Locate your subwoofer properly

While the subwoofer might not be as vital as your central channel speaker, it's still an important component of your surround sound audio system. Another common mistake is to put the subwoofer too far off to the side out of fear of being overwhelmed by the bass. 

You should place the subwoofer close to the front channel speakers. Placing the subwoofer too far away can give the unnatural effect that the bass is too far detached from the other sounds. 

Use the right cables

Certain cables provide better audio quality than others. When you connect your DVD player, make sure that you're using an optical audio, digital audio, or HDMI cable when connecting with your system's audiovisual receiver. This will result in the highest quality sound. 

Invest in quality speakers

If you want the highest quality surround sound, the speakers that you choose are going to be an essential consideration. Invest in high-quality speakers that you can rely on for high-fidelity sound performance. 

A great way to blend your speakers in with the design of your living room is to purchase bookshelf speakers. These can be conveniently positioned within furniture pieces. Another option is to purchase satellite speakers that you can mount on your living room walls. 

For help with assembling your home theater system, contact a local contractor.