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5 Reasons To Have Your Attic Insulated

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When builders construct a house, they add insulation all around the housing envelope. However, they often insulate the floor between the attic and the main house, which leaves the attic without insulation. Therefore, the attic can get mighty cold in the wintertime. Sometimes they put a minimal amount of insulation, which still doesn't give you enough insular benefits.

Below are some reasons you should consider having your attic insulated.

1. Warm Ambient Temperature

Your attic can be a usable space. It might be a good place for the kids to play in the cold months. You can even transform it into an extra bedroom. However, the attic itself will be cold if it doesn't have enough insulation. Even if you put a space heater inside the attic, you won't get enough heating effect without insulation.

2. Cool Days in the Summer

The purpose of insulation is to slow down the transfer of heat. Homeowners often think of that purpose in terms of keeping the heat inside the house in winter. However, the insulation also keeps the heat on the outside in the summertime. If you use the attic for storage, your belongings might become damaged if they get too hot in the summer.

3. Noise Dampened

Insulation has a little-discussed benefit — it can dampen noise. If you want to spend any time in the attic, your day might be more pleasant without noise from the outside. What's more, insulation in the attic floor can keep noise from attic activities from becoming a distraction in the rest of the house, which is ideal if you want to use the attic as a playroom.

4. Avoidance of the Chimney Effect

In winter, the heated air inside the house is less dense than the cold air outside. Warm air naturally rises. As it pushes its way outside of an uninsulated attic, the warm air creates the chimney effect. The warm flow that leaves out of the attic draws cold air into the house's cracks in the basement and first floor. Your furnace can work overtime and will never properly heat your house.

5. Energy Bill Savings

Probably the best reason to have your attic insulated is so your see savings in your energy bills. Whether your house is susceptible to the chimney effect or not, heat rises. If it gets into your attic, it will keep on rising right out of your house. Indeed, according to statistics, 85 percent of a house's heat loss is through the attic. A well-insulated attic will keep the heat inside.

To find out more about having your attic insulated, reach out to insulation contractors near you.