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4 Different Modern Railing Designs that Can Give Your Wood Deck More Contemporary Style

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When you are building a new deck for your home, there are a lot of options for style and design. The only problem is that most of these designs are more conventional wood decks that are far from modern. If your home has a contemporary architectural design, this may be a less desirable look for your home. Therefore, you will want to consider some of the alternatives. The following modern railing designs will help give your new deck the contemporary accents you want to match the architectural design of your home:

1. Metal Railing Accents 

One of the best ways to give your deck a modern look with a traditional wood structure is to use accents for the railings. These metal accents can be the picket materials or the top and bottom railing. You may even want to consider custom metalwork to accent your deck railings with modern design features that make it stand out.

2. Contemporary Polished Metal Railings 

The railing is the most visible part of your deck. If you want it to have a modern style, metal railings can be a great solution. Rather than the conventional wrought iron or aluminum look-alike railings to do this, consider options like polished stainless steel, which can also be combined with glass features for a unique modern design.

3. Outdoor Glass Baluster Railings

Glass is one of the best features to consider for the design of your railing. If you are planning on doing a modern railing design for your deck, consider options like glass panels for the railings and polished stainless-steel balusters that support the glass. You can even use tempered glass with frosted textures and unique custom etching to personalize the design of your contemporary glass railings.

4. Cable Railing Designs

Cable railings are another great option to give the railings of your wood deck a contemporary look. The great thing about cable is that they can be installed horizontally or vertically like conventional pickets. Cable railings can also be installed with wood or metal balusters and rails.

These are just a few of the options that you will want to consider for railing designs to give your new deck the look you want to compliment contemporary architectural designs. If you are ready to install new railings on your deck, start contacting various local glass baluster railing services to get the right style for your home and landscaping.