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How Your Submersible Well Pump Works And Signs It Might Need To Be Replaced

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If you have a deep well on your property, then it has a submersible pump. These pumps are necessary for pumping water up from deep distances. The size and power of the pumps vary, but when you need a deep well pump, it's installed at the bottom of the well. Here's how a submersible well pump works and signs you might need a new one.

How A Submersible Well Pump Works

A submersible pump is well is shaped like a long cylinder that can be lowered to the bottom of the well casing. These pumps are usually made of stainless steel so rust isn't a problem and the motor is sealed so it isn't affected by water. The pump is positioned at the bottom of the well and electrical lines run to the surface. These lines are responsible for triggering the motor to turn on when the level of water in the holding tank drops. Then, the pump pushes water up from the well and the holding tank fills. This process is repeated throughout the day as you use water for laundry, showering, and doing dishes.

How To Tell If Your Submersible Well Pump Is Bad

One problem that can develop with a deep well pump is that the seal on the motor fails. When that happens, water will leak in and cause the motor to fail. When the motor stops, no more water comes out of the well, so you'll notice the problem right away. When the motor is bad, the pump has to be pulled up and replaced. However, problems might also develop in the control box above ground, the pressure tank, or the wiring, so call a well contractor to diagnose the problem to see if repairs are possible or if you need a replacement pump. If the problem is in the pressure tank, your well might have to cycle on and off more frequently, and that can damage the motor and lead to the need for a pump replacement much sooner. So, when you hear unusual noises coming from the holding tank or notice water pressure problems at the faucet, have your system examined so repairs can be done before the pump is damaged.

If your well has been supplying you with all the water your family needs, then you can buy the same size pump for a replacement and have the contractor install it for you. If you think you need a larger or more powerful pump, then have the contractor calculate the size you need based on how much water you use daily. For more information, contact companies like Modern Pump & Equipment.