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3 Summer DIY Projects To Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

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As summer arrives and the days get hotter, you are going to be using your air conditioner more. If it is older, it may not be the most efficient cooling system. Having an HVAC technician perform air conditioning maintenance is a good way to improve efficiency, but there may also be some improvements that you want to do on your own. Simple improvements like building an enclosure to protect the unit will help improve energy efficiency. Here are some summer DIY projects that you will want to try to make your AC more energy-efficient.

1. Building Enclosures to Protect Outdoor AC Units

Whether you have a condensing unit or a heat pump air conditioner design, the unit is usually located outside. This means that your outdoor AC unit is exposed to the elements and debris from things like trees. Building an enclosure for your AC is a great way to protect it from the environment outdoors and make it more efficient by keeping it protected. It is important that you build the enclosure with enough space to allow air to circulate around the unit freely and be able to get to it for maintenance. Building an enclosure helps give your AC improve energy efficiency, and it also improves the appearance of your landscaping.

2. Upgrading Rather Than Just Repairing Damaged Duct Insulation

Ductwork can be damaged by many different causes, such as animals, condensation, and water. You want to routinely check your ductwork for damage that needs to be repaired to ensure there are no leaks that cause energy loss. When you need to do major repairs to ductwork, you may want to consider upgrading the insulation to provide more protection from air leaks and make your HVAC system more efficient.

3. Replacing an Outdated Thermostat with a New Programmable Model

The thermostat is another area where you can do improvements to your HVAC. Older thermostats are outdated and reduce the energy efficiency of your AC. Today, there are many different options for programmable thermostats that will allow you to program settings for your AC, such as turning the temperature up a couple of degrees while no one is home and having it turn on before you get home from work, so your home is comfortable when you walk in the front door.

These are some DIY projects that you may want to consider in order to make your AC more energy-efficient in time for hot summer weather. If you need help with energy-efficient improvements for your air conditioner, contact an HVAC contractor.