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Siding And Older Homes: 3 Tips

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Older homes offer up a lot of charm that can be difficult to find in newer homes. The architectural features and established neighborhoods are also big draws when it comes to purchasing an older home. However, the older a home is, the more likely some maintenance or renovation will be needed. This is certainly true when it comes to siding. Even the sturdiest and best kept siding will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Here are three tips for siding and older homes.

Vinyl Can Work

There are a lot of things that make vinyl siding very attractive to homeowners. It's less expensive than other siding materials, it's very low maintenance, and it's available in a variety of colors and styles. It costs on average around $4 per square foot installed. While there are plenty of advantages to vinyl siding, it sometimes gets a bad reputation. When improperly installed vinyl can cause moisture problems. Vinyl also has a reputation for ruining the look of older and historic homes. The key is to find siding contractors who have experience with older homes. They will be able to install vinyl siding that matches the look of the home without sacrificing any of the trim or surrounding woodwork that makes the home unique. 

Wood Is A Great Choice, But It May Be Expensive

Wood siding is commonly found in older homes. With proper maintenance it can last for generations and is known for it's beauty. Whenever it's time to replace the siding in an older home, many homeowners immediately consider wood as their material of choice. However, the high quality wood often used in older homes can be expensive. Wood clapboard costs between $5 and $8 per square foot with installation while shingles run between $6 and $9 on average. 

Look Into Other Options

Another thing to consider when it comes to siding and older homes is the fact that there are other options available. Engineered wood mimics the look of real wood siding at about half the price. Fiber cement costs around $10 per square foot installed but is a great choice for older homes since it's incredibly durable and looks similar to wood siding. It's also possible that some siding contractors can repair the home's siding. It costs around $600 on average to repair siding and it can be a great option for an older home with unique siding that would be difficult to replicate.

Over time even the best constructed siding will either need repair or replacement. Many owners of older homes find that their siding needs some work. Vinyl, despite its reputation, can be a great choice especially if an experienced siding contractor does the job. Wood is often the best material for recreating the look of the home's original siding. However, it can be pricey. Homeowners should also look into other options such as repair and engineered wood.