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3 Tankless Water Heater Myths To Ignore

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Thinking of upgrading to a tankless water heater? If so, don't let a myth hold you back. Since tankless heaters are a relatively new technology, there are tons of misconceptions out there. Unfortunately, the average homeowner might not be able to differentiate fact from fiction. Here are just some of the more common myths you should look past.  

You Get Instant Hot Water

In an ideal world, you could have hot water on demand, all the time. While tankless heaters can provide hot water at a more accelerated rate than many traditional heaters, they aren't exactly instant. It will take a moment for hot water to be delivered.

If you want to shorten the amount of time it takes for the water to heat up, consider installing task heaters for those areas with a high-demand for hot water, including the shower and the washing machine. Task heaters are basically miniature heaters that store hot water for instant, on demand use.

They Come With A Cost Increase

There is also an idea that tankless water heaters come along with an increased cost in terms of operating expenses. This myth is actually opposite of the truth. For households that use less than 41-gallons of hot water each day, upgrading from a traditional tank heater to a tankless water heater can save as much as 34% in energy cost.

For households that use more hot water on a regular basis, the savings is somewhere around 14%. For any budget, this can yield a significant savings over the course of the year, freeing up money to use on other expenses.  

The Water Will Be Too Hot

If you're worried about the water coming from the tankless heater being too hot, this is something you don't have to concern yourself with. The idea that the water comes out hot leads many to believe that you can't control the temperature; however, tankless heaters also come with thermostats that allow you to control the temperature of the water.

 If you are installing your system with task heaters, you will also have the option to preset the temperature on each heater so if you want to have your shower water one temperature and the water in the washing machine warmer, you can achieve this.

Don't let a myth about tankless heaters prevent you from adding a unit to your home. A technician from a company like First Class Plumbing of Florida Inc. can help you dispel these myths, choose the right unit for your home, and assist you with your installation needs.