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What To Look For In Construction Fencing

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A construction site is an interesting but dangerous place. The manager of a professional construction site understands the need to fence off a construction site, but if you are simply doing some remodeling around your home, you might not think that you need any fencing. You would be wrong. If any neighborhood kids stray into your construction site to explore, they can easily get hurt, and if they do, it is legally your fault for not doing anything to prevent them from entering your yard. Thus, the first thing you should do is put up some construction fencing to keep your site, your family, and neighbors safe. 

Plastic Fencing

Fencing does not have to be elaborate. Thus, if you just want to warn people that they should not proceed into your yard, you can put up some lightweight, plastic fencing. On the other hand, plastic fencing does not do much more than warn people that danger is ahead. It will do little to nothing to prevent people from actually going into your yard. If your biggest concern is that people will wander into your construction site on accident, plastic fencing might be enough. On the other hand, if you are worried about stealing or determined trespassers, you might need more fencing. 

Temporary Fencing

Opening up the walls of your home can leave your valuables exposed to thieves. In order to keep your home, your belongings, your tools, and your construction materials safe from thieves, you will need to put up some sort of a barrier. You don't, however, need to build a permanent fence that you will have to take down just as soon as your job is over. Look for temporary chain-link fencing. It should have heavy panels with poles that fit into a tripod style base. Put weights on the legs of the tripod in order to prevent people from simply tipping over your fence to get into your construction site. You can use sandbags, but metal weights are more permanent and less likely to be tampered with.

Choosing construction fencing depends on what type of construction you are doing. If you are worried about people falling into a hole, having something dropped on them, or banging their head on beam, then you can probably get away with plastic fencing. On the other hand, if you really have to open up your house, you want fencing that will keep potential thieves and urban explorers at bay. Work with a company that offers construction fencing to find the right kind for your project.