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Three Reasons To Go With Propane Tank Heaters

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If you live in a rural area, you might think that you have a choice only between a wood-burning stove and electric heat. it is important to remember that you also have the choice to use propane as a fuel source. If you do decide to go with propane, it can prove to be a good choice for many reasons.


If you use a wood-burning stove in a large home, you will typically only heat one room. If you try to get the stove hot enough to heat all of your house, you can make the room that contains the stove so hot that it is almost unusable. You can spread electric heaters throughout your house, but the heat coming from them will not be as warm as the heat wafting from vents heated by a propane furnace. Thus, not only will the heat from a propane furnace give you an island of comfort around each vent on a cold day, but it will also heat a home more quickly than electric heat.


Propane is not just good for a heating fuel, you can also use it to run other appliances in your home. You can, for example find clothes dryers that run on propane. Furthermore, you will find tankless water heaters, stoves, and ovens that run on propane. The more you use propane as a fuel source, the less you depend on electricity. Weening yourself off of electricity can be helpful in two ways: 1) Propane is a clean-burning fuel, so it can help to reduce your carbon footprint. 2) If propane is cheaper than electricity in your area, you can save money by reducing your consumption of electricity. 

Blackout Proofing

Many of the appliances that run on propane still require some electricity to power sensors, thermostats, etc. However, if you install a propane generator in your home, you can keep at least basic appliances running while the blackout lasts. Knowing that your family will stay warm and your food will stay cold will help to give you peace of mind while you wait for your electricity to come back on. 

When you use propane to heat your home, you have an on-site source of fuel that can be used to make your home self-sustaining. While you probably don't want to burn propane all the time to generate electricity for your home, it is a good idea to use propane to its full advantage in blackout proofing your home. Click here for more info on propane heaters.