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3 Synthetic Siding Materials For A Home With A Virtually Maintenance-Free Exterior

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Many types of exterior finishes can be a lot of work to maintain, such as wood siding that needs to be sealed every few years. Masonry is one option for a more durable exterior, but it can also be a costly investment and require renovations for existing homes. If you want to replace old siding that is a chore to maintain, you may want to consider more durable synthetic siding products that are virtually maintenance free, such as composite lumber vinyl or metal siding. If you want to reduce your siding maintenance chores, here are some products that you may want to consider for the exterior finish of your home:

1. Newer Composite Lumbers For Unique Durable Siding

Composite lumber materials have been around for a long time, but in the past they have been made from particle-board or other materials that would eventually rot. Today, there are newer materials made for exteriors that include plastics and rubber, which make them extremely durable. Decking materials are often made of composites, which can also give you a lot of choices for the siding on the exterior of your home. These materials can be a good alternative to tropical woods with a similar look and a much lower price tag.

2. Vinyl Siding With A Foam Backing For An Improved Siding Solution

Vinyl siding is another material that has been around for decades, but early vinyl products were more like hollow plastics. This means that they offer little energy efficiency and could easily crack and be damaged. Today, there are foam backed alternatives that solve these issues and give you a durable siding that is virtually maintenance-free. These materials are also an affordable siding solution if you are looking to do renovations to your home on a strict budget.

3. Seamless Metal Siding For Fire And Water Resistance With A Durable Material

You may also want to have a siding that gives your home more protection from hazards, such as fire or water. Seamless metal siding can be a great durable solution for homes that are prone to wildfires. It can also be a good solution to prevent water problems that start at the seams in siding.

These are some products that you may want to consider for a more durable exterior with siding. You can contact a siding contractor like those found at http://www.bramblebuilders.com and talk with them about some of these materials to end the constant maintenance that the exterior of your home needs.