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Important Steps To Take (And Avoid) While You Are Waiting For The Plumber To Show Up

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When you have plunged an overflowing toilet to no avail, a pipe burst or a faucet broke off at the attachment, it quickly becomes pretty clear that you need the help of an experienced plumber. Even though it can seem as if there is an interminable wait until the plumber gets there, there are several steps to take that can off-set the damage and make it a little easier for your plumber to get to work as soon as he gets there.  

#1-Immediately Turn The Water Off At The Closest Valve

Most rooms that have access to water will have a small shut-off valve. In the bathroom, it is commonly found behind the toilet or near the sink. Just grasp the handle and turn as far in the opposite direction as you can and it should turn off the water to the room. 

However, if the shut-off valve is damaged, rusty or the reason that you needed to call the plumber, you will need to locate and access the shut-off valve for the entire home, as explained below.

#2-If That Valve Doesn't Work..Try, Try Again

If you were unable to shut the water off through a nearby valve, you will need to locate the valve that controls the access to the entire home. In houses, it may be found in the front yard and located near the street. If it is dark outside, do not forget to take a flashlight so that you can see the valve.

It will be helpful to call the water company if you have trouble finding the location for the valve.  If you live in an apartment or other multi-property living situation, you may need to call your landlord to  get access to the the water supply for your home.

#3-Do Not Push on Rusty Pipes

When you are trying to make a broken pipe stop spraying water and someone else in your home is trying to find the valve to shut off the water, it can be tempting to push on a rusty pipe. Unfortunately, doing so can allow rust to leak into the water or can make the uncontrolled release of water worse.

However, when the plumber gets there, it is a good idea to ask if the rusty pipes are a health or functional hazard. Since rusty pipes are a known hazard, a leaky or protruding one now could be an early indicator of a more serious problem.

In conclusion, it only makes sense that if it necessary to call a plumber due to uncontrolled water flow coming into your home, it is very important to minimize the damage that the water can inflict. Therefore, it is a good idea to follow the above tips when you are waiting for the plumber to arrive. To learn more, contact a company like Midwestern Plumbing Service