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Constant Headaches? Your HVAC Unit May Be The Culprit

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Headaches can be painful when they're severe enough. So, when you are constantly getting a headache of some sort, you want to figure out why so that you can eliminate the source. But, what if the culprit is something that you need in order to survive the heat of the summer? Your air conditioning unit could be the source of your head pain. If you're wondering how your heating and cooling system could possibly be linked to your headaches, here's how:

1. You're Irritated by the Dust and Floating Particles in the Air.

Your air conditioning unit likely has a filter to catch up all the dust, pollen and various additional allergens that come through the ducting. While this filter does a great job, it does have a lifespan. Once it fills up, it is done. It cannot protect you any longer because there is no room for it to catch the particles in the air. Therefore, when you get a headache, it could be as a result of the allergens floating around the home. Check your filter and change it, if necessary.

2. You're Getting Dehydrated from the Dry Air.

Air conditioners work well to cool your home. However, when they do this, they eliminate moisture from the air and reduce humidity levels. Now, this is actually good – but only to an extent. When the AC unit draws too much moisture out of the air, it becomes dry. Dehydration comes into play if you haven't been drinking enough water during the hot weather. Together, the dry air and your lack of adequate hydration could result in a headache. Luckily, this particular kind of headache can typically be prevented by ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the day and you utilize a stand-alone single room or whole home humidifier.

3. There's a Problem with the Unit.

In some cases, you may get a headache induced by noise when there is an issue with the unit itself. When your unit is banging, it can be hard to pinpoint the problem, as there are multiple parts that could be causing the noise, including the compressor, fan motor, fan blade, blower motor, or blower wheel. As a general rule, if you're unit is making a high-pitched or loud noise, then there is a problem somewhere and you need to get in touch with an expert for an inspection as soon as possible. It may just be a minor adjustment that needs to be made, or it could be that an entire part needs to be replaced before it burns up the whole HVAC unit.

While it is important to schedule an appointment with your family physician if you're experiencing recurrent headaches, you also need to schedule a time for Affordable Comfort Heating and Cooling or another local HVAC professional to come out to your home and perform a thorough inspection on your unit just to be safe.