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3 Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

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Windows offer a pleasant view to the outside world, all the while keeping the outside world from intruding on your home. Yet, once your window starts to age, unfortunately that might not be the case. An old, damaged window can allow all manners of creepy crawlies as well as the harsh outside elements inside to ravage your home.  Yet, with a little know-how you can get start on getting those old windows replaced before they cause too many troubles in your home.  

Window Refuses To Open Or Close

While having a window on an open on a nice day can be a pleasant experience, chances are you won't want you window to be open around the clock. This not only cannot make your home unsafe, since it is easier to break into, but also allows all manner of vermin to easily infilitrate your home. This can also allow water from rainstorms to get into your home as well, which can cause potential water damage. Conversely, if your window can't open you can also be putting yourself at risk as well. Windows can be used as extra escapes points in the event of a fire, which provides extra safety should one occur. So, if your window is having a hard time opening or closing, the best thing you can do is get them replaced as quickly as you can. 

Energy Efficiency Is Down

Any holes in the wall of your home that lead to the outside world can reduce the energy efficiency of your home. This makes windows a prime suspect if your heating and air cost have taken an unpleasant, expensive turn. As windows age, their seal can become comprimised which allows air to leak into your home. This can make it to where your home's heating and air systems have to work harder to maintain a constant temperature. This can sometimes be quite obvious too, especially if you can feel drafts in your homes. So identifying which windows are comprimised and getting them replaced right away can be in your best interest. 

The Glass Panes Are Cracked

This is probably the most obvious sign your windows need to be replaced. Hairline fractures might not seem like they're of much concern, but eventually this can lead to the panes shattering. Quite obviously the broken glass can be a hazard, but the hole in the wall also allows the elements as well as creatures entry into your home. Getting the windows replaced straightaway will fix this.

So, if any of these three things are happening to your windows then you might want to look into getting them replaced.