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Investing In A Cedar Roof For A House: Things To Know

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Do you want your roof to look more appealing? If you enjoy the appeal of wood, you may want to think about getting a cedar roof installed. Find out below what you should know about cedar roofing, as well as the estimated price for a professional to install one for you.

Why Should a Homeowner Know When Considering a Cedar Roof?

A cedar roof is ideal not only for making the exterior of your house look cozier, but also for reducing the amount of money spent on energy each month. Cedar is actually a good insulator when it comes to how much air is entering your house from the outside, as it is resistant against wind. The amount of time that it takes to heat and cool your house will be noticeably shorter when you get cedar shakes installed. You can also take advantage of fewer repairs due to the wind resistance because the shakes won't be easily blown off of the roof deck. Opting for cedar roof is ideal because the shakes are lightweight, which can reduce the amount of money that you are charged for professional installation.

Although cedar roofing is beneficial, there are also a few downfalls that you should consider. For instance, a cedar roof is not ideal for a rainy or humid environment because it can deteriorate from mold growth. However, you can prevent mold damage by investing in a sealant when the shakes are installed. A layer of paint can act as a sealant if you intend on getting the shakes painted anyway. You must also understand that it will be easy for the cedar shakes to go up in flames if you don't make sure a fire-retardant is placed on them.

What is the Estimated Price for a Cedar Roof to Get Installed?

Getting a roof installed with cedar shakes should cost a minimum of $6,800 if your roof is no more than 2,100 square feet. Depending on the complexity of the task, you can end up spending $20,000 or more for professional installation. The way your roof is sloped is one of the things that can have an effect on the overall price. No matter how much money is spent on installation, you will be satisfied with the appeal of the cedar shakes. Get in touch with a contractor, like those at Roofs by Rodger, as soon as you can so he or she can start installing your cedar roof!