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How You Should Be Treating Your Garbage Disposal

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If your sink has a garbage disposal, there are some things you'll want to do to make sure you are keeping it in good shape. Otherwise, the disposal can break or your sink can get clogged. This article will provide you with helpful information for maintaining and using your garbage disposal correctly.

Proper maintenance

For the most part, a garbage disposal is a pretty low maintenance item. However, you should do your part to keep it working as good as possible. The garbage disposal has blades in it that chop up the items you put into it. These blades can become dull after a period of time. Also, food particles can get stuck to them and this will stop them from chopping as efficiently. Putting a handful of ice cubes down the disposal with a small amount of water will help chip off any stuck on food and keep the blades sharp.

Proper usage

A garbage disposal isn't meant to chop up large amounts of food. It's for clearing the drain of small bits of food that happen to make their way down the drain. There are also a lot of foods that shouldn't go in the disposal at all. Some examples of foods that can cause damage to your disposal include egg shells, any sized bones, fruit pits, pasta, potato peelings, stringy foods like celery or corn husks and any other hard or fibrous foods.

Hazards to watch out for

One of the negative parts of having a garbage disposal is many items can go down it that shouldn't. They often have things such as silverware or corn on the cob holders go down in them. You can prevent this by keeping a drain stopper in that side of the sink that gives you the option to still allow water to go through.

Unclogging the disposal

If your garbage disposal clogs, you can unclog it by pouring some vinegar down the drain, followed by a couple tablespoons of banking soda. This mixture will fizz up and help loosen up any clogs. Give the solution a few minutes to do the job before turning the garbage disposal on.

Resetting the disposal

If you go to use the garbage disposal and it makes a quite humming sound then it needs to be reset. You will find a small red reset button on the bottom side of the canister. Press it in to reset the disposal.

Now that you are more aware of how you should be treating your garbage disposal, you can increase its lifespan and help prevent problems from occurring. Contact a local plumbing supplier, like Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company, for help.