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It's Getting Hot In Here...Or Not: Roof Coating For Your Summer House Parties

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During a summer house party, it can be expected that heat and humidity can become intense with human activity in an enclosed space. In fact summer temperatures can cause your roof or attic to get up to a temperature of about 150°F. The addition of each person at your party can also add about a quarter cup of moisture in the air within an hour. Since about 4 to 6 pints of water can lead to an increased indoor humidity of about 45 percent, by deduction, a house party with more than 30 people is going to get quite hot indeed.

However, if you are someone who likes to host many summer parties and have no yard to speak of, roof coatings might be just the extra oomph you need to keep your party cool so your guests don't get too hot.

Reducing indoor heating

Changing the color of your roof from black to white can make a big difference in the heat in your home. In fact in 2011, it was found that a white roof coating can cause a building to become almost 42°F cooler than traditional dark roofs. This would be good news for when you are hosting your indoor house parties as your guests could remain cooler with more than just the cold beverages that you supply, without you having to break the thermostat on your air conditioner. Getting the white coating on your roof can cost approximately $15 to $28 per square foot and can be treated as a do-it-yourself project.

If you live in a city, getting a white roof can also help with a reduction in the heat island effect felt in some urban areas, which can reduce nighttime temperatures a further 5 to 7 degrees for more comfortable partying nights.

Reducing your carbon imprint

A party has many ways in which it can impact a carbon imprint through carbon emissions, so getting a cool roof coating is one way to help reduce this. Applying roof coatings is estimated to reduce the energy costs for cooling your house by 25 to 67 percent by regular use and since your house is expected to remain cooler during your party, this expectation could still be realistic even with more than one house party for the summer.

Air conditioning can also emit about a half ton of carbon dioxide per year for a 1,000-square-foot house so being able to use less air conditioning reduces carbon emissions. Additionally, roof coatings can save you money by extending the life of your roof an additional 10 years leading to more house party capital.

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