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7 Ideas For An Attractive Enclosed Porch

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A porch enclosure (such as those offered by Lexington Tent & Awning) allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Designed well, an enclosed porch becomes a relaxing getaway or even a social center. Plan a porch enclosure that blends with your home while adding value to your indoor-outdoor living.


A sunroom is a valuable addition to any home. Consider enclosing your porch with windows and even adding a skylight. Select casement windows which crank open. This allows you to enjoy maximum airflow, transforming your porch enclosure into a transitional space.

Wooden Floors

Speaking of transition, an enclosed porch should feel a little indoors, a little outdoors. Naturally you'll want your creature comforts. To create a more rugged ambiance in your porch, though, consider wooden flooring. Reclaimed hardwood is not only an attractive option, it's central to green design.

Stone Fireplace

Another feature that gives your porch a rugged, outdoorsy feel is a stone fireplace. Such a feature works well if you have a wooden or rural home. Have the porch constructed of stout timber, and arrange cozy furniture in front of the stone fireplace.

Cohesive Style

Your enclosed porch should be an extension of your home's exterior. Whether you're enclosing an existing porch or creating an addition, bring colors and materials from the house's façade through to your design. As an example, the porch should feature the same shingling as the rest of the house. Likewise, work within the style of your home.

Design Details

Another method for making a porch enclosure seem like a natural extension of your house is to pay attention to design details, according to Better Homes and Gardens. For instance, consider adding creative details such as varied tile sizes or even a painted concrete mural for the floor. Work with the architecture of your home, matching arches in the façade with curves in the porch or angles with straight lines.

Sitting Room

Perhaps you'd like your porch to be a more refined space. In that case, transform it into a sitting room complete with a sealed brick floor, white paneling and beaded board ceiling. Add formal details such as paned windows and even plantation shutters before decorating a space suitable for a garden party.

Mixed Patterns

You may hesitate to get wild with your patterns in your home proper. However, an enclosed porch allows you to play a little. Start with a patterned tile floor, whether mosaic or retro. Add texture to the walls with stucco or paneling, whichever fits your home's façade better. Then, install details such as tin mirrors or Moroccan lights as well as furniture with patterned cushions.

Do you like to host tea parties or while away the hours in the sunshine with a good book? Let your relaxation and entertaining style drive your design for a porch enclosure.