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Air Conditioner Work Itself into a Breakdown? Keep Cool with these Fun Outdoor Activities

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When the weather warms up, the air conditioners go on. The hotter the weather gets, the more your air conditioner will have to work to keep you cool. If you're air conditioner works itself into a breakdown, you're going to need to have a few tricks to keep you and your kids cool while you wait for repairs. Here are a few ideas for you to have fun with.

New Twist on an Old Favorite

Hot potato is a game that just about every child loves to play. This game adds a whole new twist to the age-old favorite. Instead of playing hot potato on a hot day, you can play cold potato. Place a small pin hole in a water balloon and fill it with ice cold water. Go outside and toss the balloon with your children. The cold spray of water will keep everyone cool while you try to keep from being the last person holding the balloon when it runs out of water.

Human Works of Art

Kids love to finger paint and they love to play in the water. This activity incorporates both activities. Have your kids put on their bathing suits and gather up the finger paints and head outside. Watch as your kids paint each other with the colorful paints. Once their human works of art are completed, they can run around in the sprinklers to get themselves cleaned off.

Make a Splash

Want to have some wet and wild target practice? Head out to your driveway with your kids, a bucket of water balloons, and a few pieces of sidewalk chalk. Make sure you're all dressed in swimsuits or shorts because you're going to get wet. Line up along the driveway and take turns throwing the water balloons. Each time one makes a splash, draw a circle around the splash. When all the water balloons are gone, you can give a prize for the biggest splash mark.

Backyard River

There's nothing better than relaxing along the banks of a river on a hot summer day. With this activity, you can make a river in your own backyard. Find an area in your yard that has a downward slope. You can also take a square nose shovel and dig a shallow trench in your yard. Use aluminum foil to line your slope or your trench. Place a garden hose at the highest point in your slope and turn the water on. Your kids will be able to play in the water while you relax in the shade.

You never know when your air conditioner is going to go on the fritz. When it does, you're going to want to be prepared with some quick ways to cool down. After you call an air conditioner repair technician like Bill's Plumbing Heating & Air, you and your kids can go outside and have some cool fun with these easy backyard activities.