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What Type Of Fencing Is Right For You?

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Choosing the right kind of fence depends on the individual's needs and tastes. Fences are designed for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Types of fencing, with their assets and limitations.

Split rail fencing

Split rail fencing is the kind of fencing mostly found in rural areas. It is made with wooden posts and horizontal wooden rails. The ends of the rails are narrowed to fit into openings in the posts. They usually consists of either two or three rails. Basic in design, their originally purpose was to mark boundaries and contain livestock.

Those who enjoy a rural lifestyle would benefit most from this kind of fencing. The rustic look is paired with practicality. Individual sections can easily be repaired or replaced, and large areas of land can be enclosed at a moderate price. It is not as practical in populated areas, and won't deter trespassers very well.

Picket fencing

The home in the suburbs with the white picket fence is the embodiment of the American dream. Simple in design, it comprises posts connected by horizontal rails. Attached to these rails are a line of vertical slats, or pickets. These slats are narrowed to a point at the top to create a uniform look and to inhibit trespassers from climbing over the fence. Individuals slats can be replaced easily and inexpensively. Pickets fences are available in both wood and vinyl. While wood is more traditional, vinyl is more durable.

Picket fences can keep small children and animals inside or outside of your yard, depending on your need. Larger animals or individuals will have no difficulty in scaling a picket fence, since most are only about three or four feet in height.

Chain link fencing

Chain link fences are popular because of their price, security features, and durability. They are composed of metal posts to which a length of interlocking square metal links are attached. This type of fencing can be installed in heights from four to eight feet, depending on its use. The components can be found at local hardware chains, and are relatively inexpensive.

​Drawbacks include fence repair, since the fencing is sold in rolls of fifty feet or more. Vandalism can require replacing long stretches of fence, or tying broken links together with wire, which is not aesthetically pleasing.

Privacy fencing

​It is said that good fences make good neighbors, and if you value your privacy or have unpleasant neighbors, privacy fencing may be the way to go. It  consists of wooden or vinyl posts to which solid or slotted panels are attached. These panels are eight feet wide and six feet high, and are designed for maximum privacy and security.They are also useful if you have large animals that are difficult to keep inside your yard.

Drawbacks include zoning regulations that may restrict fencing height, and neighbors in townhouses will have their views restricted.

Fence installation materials can be purchased at local hardware chains and installed by the homeowner. However, it is difficult and heavy work for an individual, and you must buy tools, such as post hole diggers, that you will probably rarely use. A fencing company, one like American Secured Fence, can recommend a style of fencing that fits your needs and can install it quickly and efficiently.