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How To Make A Brick Walkway

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Having a walkway from your front door to your driveway is important because you do not want to have to walk in the dirt when you leave your home. There are many options when it comes to the materials that you can use to create your walkway. One of the most stylish options is brick. Use the following guide to learn how to quickly and easily make a brick walkway in front of your home.

Level the Ground

Before you lay out the bricks, you want to be sure that the ground where you want to create the walkway is as level as it can be. Use a shovel with a flat edge to move the soil from the area to create a flat surface.

Pack the Ground

Once you have removed enough soil to make the ground as level as you can, you need to pack it down by wetting it with water and then using the edge of the shovel to apply pressure to the ground. Wetting the soil lightly allows you to compress it.

Mix the Mortar

On the package of mortar, there will be directions to follow. Place the mortar into a large five-gallon bucket, add the appropriate amount of water, and mix the two together until the mortar becomes thick.

Start the Walkway

You need to start your walkway at the end of the concrete that leads into your house. Use a trowel to place a small dollop of mortar on the brick and then push it against the bottom of the stair. Next, add more mortar to the next brick the same way you did the first. Add a dollop of mortar to the end of the brick that will be next to the first brick you placed. Press the second brick against the front of the stair and push the edge of the brick against the first brick.

Finish the Walkway

Add a dollop of mortar to both ends and the long side of a brick. Push the brick against the first row of bricks and continue to add more bricks to that row until it is even with the edge of the first row. Use the same process to place all the other bricks, until the entire walkway is created.

The bricks will stay in place thanks to the mortar. You can even paint the bricks if you want the walkway to be even more unique.