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3 Myths About Metal Roofing

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If you are considering redoing your roof, metal may be an option that's perfect for you. You may be concerned about cost, noise, and attractiveness of this kind of roofing, which may keep you from choosing this material for your own roofing project. Learn 3 myths about metal roofing that can help you make the best decision for your home's renovation needs.

Myth #1- Metal roofs are noisy

In many ways, it makes sense to believe that metal roofs are noisy. Rain or hail pattering off metal doesn't sound too appealing to many homeowners. The reality is that metal roofing is quite sound, especially when proper insulation is put in place to help reduce noise. Research has shown that metal roofing noise is only slightly louder than that of a whisper, and quieter than the average household conversation. So if the fear of noise during a storm is deterring you from getting a metal roof, you don't need to worry. With the right installation, you shouldn't notice your metal roofing at all, even with baseball-sized hail.

Myth #2- Metal roofs are expensive compared to shingles

You may have concerns over the cost of metal roofing, but due to its ease of installation, you actually may come out ahead financially if you choose this type of roofing material over classic shingles. If your current shingles are in relatively good repair, your metal roof could actually be placed right on top of them, which saves time in labor. Metal roofing is also less time-consuming to install, which can save you money in labor costs. The most cost-effective factor of metal roofing is how long it can potentially last -- up to 20 years or more, and most metal roofs are rated for 150 mph winds.

Myth #3- Metal roofs are unattractive 

If you want a decorative yet durable roof, you may be surprised to find that metal roofing satisfies both needs. Metal panels actually come in a variety of colors and styles so you can have a more customized roof that fits your home's decor and your own personal taste. From a vertical seam to a crimp-style panel available in a plethora of stylish colors, you can get metal roofing in nearly any design you'd like.

As you consider just how to go about your roofing needs, keep metal roofing in mind. You just may find that this durable material is just what you need to make your roof last for years and look attractive at the same time. A roofing company like Schwartz & Sons Construction can answer your questions and see if metal roofing is right for you.