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How To Maintain Your Parking Lot For Safety

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When you own a business, it is your responsibility to maintain a safe environment for your customers. One area that is oftentimes neglected is the parking lot. Are you keeping up with the care of your parking lot to ensure that your customers are safe from accidents? Here, you will learn a few things that you must be sure to do to protect your customers from injuries while on your property.

Street Sweeping

Keeping all of the debris cleaned up out of your parking lot can be very time consuming if you are trying to do it by hand. Not only can trash, gravel, dirt, and cigarette butts make your business look unappealing, but it can also be dangerous. All it takes is one loss of footing for a customer to fall and break a hip or arm, or even suffer a concussion. No matter the injury, you will be held liable for the medical bills.

Contact a street sweeping company, such as USA Services of Florida, and discuss the rates for weekly, biweekly, or even monthly cleanings. This will help to eliminate the risk of slip or trip and falls and lessen the likelihood of finding yourself facing a lawsuit.

Asphalt Repair

Do you have cracks and potholes in your asphalt parking lot? If so, it is time to have them repaired. Failing to have the cracks sealed will lead to more potholes. Failure to have the potholes repaired increases the risk of falls occurring and customers damaging their tires while driving through the lot.

To repair damaged asphalt, you have two options: fix it yourself or hire a repair company.

  • To make the repairs yourself, you need asphalt patching material, shovel and trowel, and a broom. All you have to do is clear away any debris and loose asphalt. Fill the hole with the patching material with the shovel and use the trowel to smooth the finish.
  • To repair cracks, use sealant to fill the cracks after clearing debris. This will seal up the crack and prevent water from seeping into it and causing more problems.

Line Painting

Unless your parking lot is clearly marked, your customers may have a difficult time maneuvering through it and parking in a safe manner. Lines need to be repainted from time to time to ensure they are easily visible to each driver during all seasons.

If the parking lot seems unsafe because of traffic going different directions, include arrows on the lot to direct the customers to only go one direction. This could prevent unfortunate fender benders in which you could potentially be held liable for damages.

Your parking lot is your responsibility. Take these three things into consideration to avoid the insane expenses associated with liability lawsuits for injuries and accidents.