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Give Your Indoor Flooring a Different Look With These Unique Wood Flooring Ideas

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If you want to give the flooring in your home a unique look, wood flooring is a great option. There are the many common wood flooring products, which can be installed to give you plain hardwood floors. There are also unique products like yellow pine, cedar, or bamboo, as well as other finishes and patterns that can give your hardwood flooring a unique look. If you are going to have hardwood floors installed in your home, here are four ideas to give your flooring a unique new look:

1. Use Pine and Unconventional Woods

Woods like pine are not conventionally used as wood flooring materials. They do have several advantages though, such as cost savings. Yellow pine can also be very durable, and it can have unique grain patterns, knots, and other interesting features. If you want to have a flooring material that can have a glossy finish on it, pine materials can be a great choice. You may also want to consider other soft woods like cedar for a unique look with red color to it.

2. Use Reclaimed Woods to Make Tongue and Groove Flooring

Many old buildings are torn down or demolished to make room for new growth. Once, the materials that were removed from these buildings ended up in landfills, but today things like old growth wood are reclaimed from old buildings. You can mill reclaimed woods with tongue and groove joints and have them installed for the flooring in your home. This can give you wood materials that are not available anymore because of modern forestry standards.

3. Alternative Materials to Use For Wood Flooring in Homes

There are also many alternatives to wood flooring, which can include natural materials like bamboo. You can also use engineered wood floors, which are durable and can feature tropical wood patterns and unique finish colors. You may also want to consider materials such as cork, which can also be very comfortable to walk on, and an excellent choice if you or someone in your family has joint problems.

4. Staining Before Installing to Create Woodwork Patterns in Flooring

There are also many different options for staining wood flooring. Usually, this is done with a light or dark colored stain after the flooring has been installed. You may also want to consider staining real wood flooring before it is installed with different colors to create patterns in the installation. After it has been installed, a clear coat of wax can be applied to the floor to make it all blend in and be protected.

These are some ideas that you can use when you are going to have wood flooring installed in your home. If you need help with the installation of your new flooring, you can contact wood flooring contractors such as New York Hardwood Floors to get your new floors installed.