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3 Signs You Have Hidden Water Damage

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When you are trying to sell your house, nothing is worse than discovering hidden water damage that has been secretly rotting away your subflooring or wall studs. Fortunately, if you know the signs of trouble, you might be able to correct problems before you ever put your place on the market. Here are three signs you have hidden water damage.

1: Peeling Paint

If you accidentally drill a screw through your wall and into one of your plumbing lines, you could cause a constant leak that soaks your insulation and surrounding drywall. Because you can't see the moisture, it can be easy to overlook the problem until it is too late. Wooden studs can rot away, causing structural problems that can affect your entire home.

Fortunately, you might be able to detect interior wall moisture by keeping an eye on that paint. If you detect bubbly or peeling paint, it could be caused by wet, warping drywall. Instead of ripping out that sheet rock on your own, hire a professional plumber and contractor to inspect the area. They might be able to use moisture meters to learn the extent of the damage, so that they can remove the drywall safely.

2: Musty Smells

You might be used to the scent of your own home, but visitors might comment on that musty smell. If your friends or family members report foul odors, it could be a sign that you have underlying moisture damage. After water has penetrated your carpet padding and insulation, it can provide an excellent breeding ground for fungus, mold, and mildew.

Since these microorganisms release volatile organic compounds as they multiply, they can alter the scent of your indoor air. Contact a professional contractor if you detect strange smells around your place, before the problem gets any worse.

3: Health Problems

Sometimes, mold and mildew growth can get out of hand and cause health problems. Mold spores in your air can cause upper respiratory problems, aggravated allergies, and itchy eyes. Believe it or not, some people can even develop life-threatening conditions because of mold exposure.

If you have been having health problems and you think that mold growth could be at fault, hire a team of professionals to inspect your home for moisture damage. Contractors can inspect your air and remove the damage safely.

Being able to recognize water problems might keep you from dealing with a terrible home inspection report, demanding buyers, and a lower selling price.